Allan Yeomans with Yeomans Carbon Still 2016.jpg

Lucas Ihlein & Allan Yeomans: Soil & the Carbon Economy

Artist Lucas Ihlein will work with physicist, engineer, farmer and inventor Allen Yeomans. The son of PA Yeomans, Allan is part of an esteemed family of agricultural innovators in Australia. His current project is the Yeomans Carbon Still – a device for measuring soil carbon sequestration. In the near future, when a carbon economy is in place, farmers will be paid for storing carbon dioxide in their soils via regenerative agriculture. The Yeomans Carbon Still is ready to go – but it is yet to be approved by the Australian government as a licenced method of measuring the amount of carbon sequestered in agricultural soils.

Ihlein and Yeomans will bring the Yeomans Carbon Still to The Living Classroom in Bingara. The device will be used in public demonstrations with local farmers to test its effectiveness as a tool for encouraging widespread transformation of farming practices. At The Living Classroom, they will also explore the legal barriers to the widespread adoption of the Yeomans Carbon Still, and develop communication methods to bring together policy makers and farmers, to encourage Australia’s carbon reductions program to be more inclusive of rural knowledge. In addition to the Cementa19 festival, the results will be presented in 2019 in a major exhibition entitled Shapes of Knowledge, Curated by Hannah Mathews, at the Monash University Museum of Art.

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