The Kandos School of Cultural Adaptation (KSCA) is a group of artists and writers who came together to explore the idea of adaptive cultural change. Many of KSCA’s activities revolve around the post-industrial town of Kandos, Wiradjuri country, in the Central West of NSW. However its members come from many places, and its projects bridge urban, regional and rural Australia. You can read about how KSCA came into being here.


Here’s our mission statement:

KSCA is a platform for artists and others who are experimenting with adaptive cultural change. It aims to support creative work that reaches beyond the familiar contexts of art to investigate new ways of acting in the world.

and our objectives:

  • To support creative activities concerned with cultural change in real-world contexts. This can occur in areas like (but not limited to) farming, urban planning, rural industry, food production, commoning and infrastructure development.

  • To explore new ways to create and disseminate knowledge by supporting grassroots experimentation and experiential learning.

  • To support collaborations that bridge different types of knowledge, professions and areas of experience.

  • To build fruitful associations between communities that may be geographically remote from each other, but share particular challenges and aspirations.

Currently the members of KSCA are:

Gilbert Grace, Ian Milliss, Kelly Reiffer, Imogen Semmler, Kim Williams, Diego Bonetto, Eloise Lindeback, Sarah Breen Lovett, Christine McMillan, Leanne Thompson, Belinda Innes, Lucas Ihlein, Georgie Pollard, Alex Wisser and Laura Fisher.


Kandos is situated within the Wiradjuri nation, and KSCA are mindful that we we walk on Aboriginal country everywhere we go. We thank and honour the custodians of this land, and pay our respects to elders past, present and future.