The Living Classroom, Bingara

The Living Classroom, Bingara

KSCA is now working on an exciting multi-partner project in regional NSW for 2018-2019, for which we have been awarded funding through the Regional Partnerships scheme of Create NSW.

We are partnering with:

The project title started out as a joke without a punchline:
what would happen if we brought together artists, farmers and scientists for an open ended collaborative process?

After our successful public forum Futurelands2 in Kandos in November 2016, we decided to connect to Bingara, our “sister city” in rural NSW. Bingara is home to The Living Classroom (TLC), a community run space which hosts workshops and incubates innovation in regenerative agriculture. Importantly, TLC has 26 beds, a workshop and seminar space, and 150 hectares of land set aside for agricultural experimentation. An exciting focus of this experimentation is carbon sequestration in soil – for which they now have a dedicated site called The Carbon Farm.

Hence our idea: to run an “artist-in-residency” style program, expanded to include not just artists but also farmers and scientists.

What might farmers and scientists come up with if they start behaving like artists? And how might artists’ practices expand when faced with the deep knowledge of farmers and scientists?

That’s what we’re trying to find out.

This project also taps into a set of relationships already developing in Kandos. Thus, several of our collaborative residencies with be hosted by farmers and local community members in the mid-west of NSW. The outcomes of all of this blue-sky experimentation will be presented at a major public forum at the beautifully restored Roxy Theatre in Bingara, and as an integral part of the Cementa 19 festival in Kandos.

Take a look at this introductory video about the project:

A snapshot of “An Artist, A Farmer, and a Scientist Walk into a Bar”. This video was created in October 2018, by Justin Hewitson.