Alex Wisser: A hole for the Living Classroom

Artist Alex Wisser will partner with Rick Hutton at The Living Classroom, to create a permanent public artwork at the site: a hole in which visitors can occupy a meditative space and consider their relationship to the earth.

This work will create a space in which visitors to The Living Classroom can experience the earth from the inside. It is intended to complement The Living Classroom’s purpose of introducing visitors to the complex functioning of soil and earth in the production of all plant life by allowing them to experience actually being within in. This hole will also be a space of education. The space will expose the viewer to the strata of soil composition as it descends from the surface. One wall of the hole will be covered by Perspex and backfilled with high quality soil. Different plants with deep root systems will be planted along its edge so that their roots will grow down along this ‘window’.  This will give visitors an opportunity to observe the rich complexity and interaction of the subterranean life of plants