Laura Fisher, Jono Bolitho & Glenn Morris:


Restoring Earth is a documentary made by Bluebottle Films that features collaborating farmer Glenn Morris.

Artists Laura Fisher and Jono Bolitho will work with organic farmer Glenn Morris to produce an interactive artwork that models the intricate biological processes of humus. Humus is the organic material in top soil upon which all life on earth depends. One teaspoon of humus contains 6 billion living organisms. It is the way these organisms interact, driven by the process of photosynthesis, that determines the nutrition in our foods and the amount of stable carbon that is stored in our soils. These interactions take many forms: extracting, trading, filtering, dissolving, digesting, immunising, solubilising, cleansing, synthesising, storing, fertilising, inoculating and so on.

The world in the soil is as complex and varied as a big metropolis, yet is totally mysterious to most of us. As an organic farmer who has successfully rehabilitated nutrient-deficient land by fostering humus production, Morris is passionate about educating the public about the importance of humus. Fisher, Bolitho and Morris will together experiment with different materials to devise ways to communicate the remarkable functionality of humus.

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