The Groundswell Program

When: 7 - 8 September 2019

Where: All parts of the program take place at site of The Living Classroom in Bingara. This is an easy place to navigate around, you won’t get lost!

Groundswell is the arts program of Pulse of the Earth: A Festival of Regeneration, which starts on the eve of Friday 6th September and runs through Saturday 7th September. You can download the PDF of the integrated program HERE. It is also pasted below.

There will be coffee carts and food stalls around the site for you to grab lunch, drinks and snacks. Music, performances and talks will be on the main stage throughout the day, and you’ll also find storytelling, arts and crafts, planting, yoga and other activities for the whole family. A blackboard schedule of these activities will be available on the Saturday morning.

Please note that no alcohol will be sold on site - it’s BYO with NO GLASS.

Biographies of the speakers can be found HERE. Click on the artists’ names below to find out more about their individual projects.

Saturday 7th September

8.20am Earth Oracle performance at The Hole - Alex Wisser.

Main stage

9.00am Opening program for the Pulse of the Earth Festival/Groundswell, including Welcome to Country and Smoking Ceremony.

10.15am Introduction to Groundswell and Charles Massy - Laura Fisher

10.25am Keynote presentation ‘Why Regeneration?’ - Charles Massy

10.55am Alex Wisser reflects on 48 hour Fast & Meditation in The Hole – with Adam Blakester

11.10am Morning Tea break

Groundswell Marquee

11.30am  Introducing the ‘Artist, Farmer, Scientist’ program & artists

11.40am Groundswell mini-fest! Participants will rotate between:

·      Wildfood.Store – Diego Bonetto. “ is open for business. Come around for a taste or a hint for how to turn your weeds into cash!”

·      The Humus House – Jono Bonitho, Laura Fisher & Glenn Morris. Enter the home of the microbe.

·      Carbon sequestration collaborative drawing - Georgie Pollard. Participate in a drawing workshop that explores our fascinating relationship with carbon.

12.40pm Lunch break

1.30pm “A day in the life of soil” performance by Imogen Semmler, David Hardwick & Tim Cavagnaro, with audience participation.

3.05pm “Mothers Little Helpers” – premier of Karla Dickens’ short film featuring Bruce Pascoe and Bingara school children, followed by a conversation with Aunty Sue Blacklock.

Main stage

3.35pm  Workshop on our Future: Charles Massy, Damon Gameau, Rachel Lawrence, Adam Blakester

The Pulse of the Earth program continues:

4.20pm Amber Lawrence concert

5.50 - 7.30pm Campfire Dinner

7.45pm Screening of 2040, introduced by filmmaker Damon Gameau, at Bingara’s stunning Roxy Theatre (down the road from The Living Classroom, 15 min walk or 2 min drive).

Sunday 8th September

7.30am Foraging walk with Diego Bonetto - depart from Groundswell marquee

groundswell marquee

9.00am “The Art and Science of Adaptation”. A talk by Charles Massy, followed by a panel discussion with Ian Milliss, Rachel Lawrence, Ananth Gopal. This session explores the nuts and bolts of adaptation in real world scenarios in many different fields.

10.20am “The Innovators”, a series of active presentations by:

·      Sharon Winsor, founder of Indigiearth - the potential of native foods in restaurants, catering and the home kitchen.

·      Lee Fieldhouse & Kirsty Hughes, founders of Island Biologicals – the power of microbes and the earthworm.

·      Sarah Burrows & Anita Taylor, founders of Red8 mobile abattoir - the promise of meat processed ethically on-farm. This presentation will involve a ‘walk-through’ of a to-scale footprint of the abattoir.

11.20am - brunch. There will be simple and affordable lunch options available.

12.20pm “I’m walking on Sunshine” –  the energy the sun provides. A conversation about solar energy in the farming landscape, technology and culture with reference to three art projects.

·      Lucas Ihlein, Allan Yeomans, Georgie Pollard, Mark Swartz, Erica Watson, Hayden Druce & Bjorn Sturmberg.

1.35pm World Café – facilitated by Sara Schmude & Jill Moore – Kashima of Southern New England Landcare. A chance for constructive conversation involving the full Groundswell audience. Afternoon tea available.

2.45pm Wrap-up: Garry McDouall - Chairman of The Carbon Farm.

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