Pulse of the Earth

"If the Earth could speak, what would it say?" - Alex's 48 hours in the hole

‘The Hole for The Living Classroom’ has gifted us many puns, and here’s another - it turns out Alex’s existential ambitions go deep, very, very deep. At Groundswell he will conclude his 'hole' project with a performance called ‘Earth Oracle’. He will spend 48 hours within the hole, drinking only water and sleeping under the open sky. The public are invited to pose questions to the earth and on the morning of Saturday 7th September he will respond to these questions from within the hole. He’ll emerge later that day, and will be in conversation with MC Adam Blakester about the project on the main stage. You can read an article about it that was recently published in the Inverell Times.


What would you ask the Earth Oracle?


See below for some hole digging action to get you thinking, courtesy of Justin Hewitson.