A Feast of Weeds

Diego Bonetto is creating Wildfood Store, a marketplace for the by-product of farming: weeds. This sounds good, forward thinking and inventive, but the common thread that keeps surfacing is that people do not know what to do with them.

Baking Dirt: Soil and the Carbon Economy

Lucas Ihlein reports back from his visit to Allan Yeomans’ workshop on the Gold Coast. Here he got to witness how Allan’s amazing invention to measure carbon content in soil actually functions. It involved some serious baking…

Listening to Primo Levi's short story about a carbon atom

I think carbon is central to our understanding of climate change. From one perspective, it seems as if carbon is the antagonist of our impending climate change doom. But carbon is also the building block of life on earth. This story helped me to fall in love with carbon. The way humans have intervened with the carbon cycle is of course, the problem. But how we continue to intervene will have to be part of the solution. And as a novice biochar enthusiast, I feel like falling in love with carbon is part of that solution.

Did you just say "gel matrix" ???

Did you just say "gel matrix" ???

Turns out humus has a gel-like consistency. And a honeycomb structure. Laura, Jono and Glenn delved into the science and texture of humus on their first residency together and now want to make a jelly cave.