Walking with knowledge

Walking with knowledge

Diego Bonetto was invited to talk about weeds, but not the usual talk on how to kill them, but new/old perspectives: define what is useful, acknowledge abundance and even harvest the seasonal supply as food produce.

A Feast of Weeds

Diego Bonetto is creating Wildfood Store, a marketplace for the by-product of farming: weeds. This sounds good, forward thinking and inventive, but the common thread that keeps surfacing is that people do not know what to do with them.

Mid Western Foragers Training Workshop

Mid Western Foragers Training Workshop

Would you like to learn how to earn cash providing wild edible weeds for the restaurant and catering market in the city? Wild food expert Diego Bonetto is running a workshop for people in the Mudgee region interested in taking part in a pilot program that will harvest, package and deliver wild foods to Sydney chefs.

Feast of Weeds recipe book


Click HERE to download a recipe booklet from the 'Feast of Weeds' project dinner  at The Roxy. Featuring:

Salt Bush Chips

Stinging Nettle Focaccia

Cumbungi & Sow Thistle Slaw

Sow Thistle & Mallow Salsa Verde


Roast Pumpkin & sauté Dandelion salad with honey and balsamic dressing