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Art, Agriculture, Land Use, Regional Economies, Soil, Botany, Ethics, Food, Weeds...

With contributions from Bruce Pascoe, Tracy Norman from Dungog Festival, Gilbert Grace and Klara Marosszeky, Meg Ulman and Artist as Family, Kirsten Bradley from Milkwood Permaculture, Ian Milliss, Simon Mattsson, Diego Bonetto, Joni Taylor from New Landscapes Institute and Genevieve Murray, Alex Wisser, Laura Fisher, the amazing chefs at Alfie's Kitchen, Stuart Andrews, Jill Moore-Kashima, Adam Blakester, Alex Wisser, Ian Milliss, Ann Finegan, Gerda Roelvink, Haydn Washington, Larry Towney, Michelle Hines, Jason Tuckwell, Ceane Towers, Kevin Williams, Lyn Symes, Mark Branson, Paul Newell, Dave Standfield, Lucas Ihlein ...

More about our contributors here

Newspaper published by Kandos School of Cultural Adaptation, edited by Laura Fisher and Lucas Ihlein, design by Fiona Hudson and Eloise Lindebäck.




  • PERTH: via Tim Burns studio: J SHED Fleet St Fremantle, 0410 083 446, email


If you would like to get hold of a copy of the newspaper and you can't access the above distribution points please leave a comment below and we'll be in touch to organise it with you.

ALSO - Check back soon as we'll post a PDF version of the newspaper and link to it here.