Cementa 17 - Marloo farm tour announced!

Well, we must have been well behaved and very good listeners when we all visited Marloo farm during Futurelands2, because Stuart and Megan Andrews are welcoming us back again for Cementa 17. During the festival, KSCA will be launching the Futurelands2 newspaper, sharing the progress of The Hemp Initiative (don't miss the cookies!), and we're chuffed to announce that we'll also be hosting another site visit to Marloo farm.


The Futurelands2 Marloo tour - with the land agleam from a night's heavy rain - was certainly one of the most memorable parts of that weekend in November. This visit will be to a new site: Stuart is now keen to show us how he's applied Natural Sequence Farming methods to a different spot on his farm.

We have 60 tickets available, and we will be travelling between Kandos and Marloo by bus. Eventbrite tickets and information can be found here! And if you need a refresher on why a farm tour is an entirely appropriate thing to do at a contemporary art festival, you can read about Natural Sequence Farming and KSCA's collaboration with Stuart Andrews here and here.