Make your own hemp paper ! On the 2nd of June at Lyttleton Stores

In this 3 hour workshop with Gilbert Grace participants will learn about waste conscious art forms, focussing on the process of making hemp paper. As an artist obsessed with minimising waste Gilbert looks for any opportunity to reuse and recycle the materials in his paintings and printmaking. Gilbert often scavenges the timber and hand crafts the tools needed for his practise. It not only hones useful skills but allows him to contemplate the process of making.

Cost: $70

Location: Lyttleton Stores Cooperative, 1 Badgery Crescent, Lawson.

When: June 2, 9 - 12am.

Click here to book! The first ten to book will receive a mold and deckle, hand-made by Gilbert himself, to take home!

What to Expect:

Participants will receive a sample of some of the hemp products available. Participants will be using a mold and deckle to catch enough of the rag to form a coherent sheet of pulp which is then allowed to dry to form a sheet of paper. Any organic material can be added for effect. Leave this workshop with a greater appreciation of sustainable art practice and take home practical knowledge of how to create your own hemp paper from natural fibres.

About The Tutor:

Hello, my name is Gilbert Grace and I hold an MFA from Sydney College of the Arts. I trained as a painter. It was through recreational bicycle use that I came to appreciate the hidden wonders of Sydney including the vestiges of its pre and post colonial past. My interest in hemp derives from having long ago realised the toll western agricultural practices were taking on the soil and looking for alternative foods, fuels and agricultural practices. This seeking for alternatives is what drove me take Ian Milliss' caricature of Kandos (see the story here) and turn it on its head by making it a template for action… which ultimately led to the formation of the Kandos School of Cultural Adaptation.

What is included:

Folk will get hands-on with upcycling discarded fabric into paper. Steps involved are cutting, blending (macerating), using a mold and deckle, and ideas for drying.