Mark Swartz, Belinda Innes & Dan Kilminster: Theatres of Bamboo

Regenerative farmers Belinda Innes and Dan Kilminster will engage with artist Mark Swartz on a project that explores the ecological, structural and commercial value of bamboo.

Bamboo has extraordinary versatility and structural strength, while it also sequesters carbon very efficiently through its fast growing cycle. It is under-utilised as a sustainable, climate-tolerant material in Australia. On their property near Kandos, Innes and Kilminster are investigating bamboo’s potential to rehabilitate soils, improve water quality, provide building materials and serve as the basis for a viable, sustainable, rural enterprise. In this project, workshops will bring participants to the farm to learn about these investigations, while Swartz will teach some of the skills involved in contemporary bamboo construction, including rope, concrete and steel incorporation. One of the outcomes of this project will be a collaboratively produced bamboo structure that can serve as a stage or canopy for events, and a template for similar structures to be built throughout the region.