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The Sydney Green Ring is a land art project that interrogates the construction of space and sense of place of inner urban Sydney. By focusing on ancient water courses that fed colonial Sydney, the project aims to connect the habitat and riparian corridors of Sydney in a continuous active transport circuit. The long term goal is to realise the Ring as an iconic greenway trail, either as an independent artist-lead project, or as part of the Sydney Green Grid (A NSW Government initiative). Artist Gilbert Grace has been researching the history and territory of the Sydney Green Ring since 2004 and began blogging about the Ring in 2008. He has brought it to many people’s attention through bicycle advocacy, social tours, mapping projects, curated exhibitions, sketch tours, social events and through representations to decision makers and stakeholders at the grass roots, local and state government levels.  

The project is premised on the idea that artists are uniquely placed to interact with decision makers and influencers to achieve real world goals that enhance quality of life. There is evidence from around the globe that artists have a vital role to play in the construction of social space, in theatres of action such as planning and placemaking, personal mobility and the built environment.  

We will be back soon with info about how this project is developing...


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